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Running Coach

"Running teaches me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined."



Hi! I'm Rachel Soper and I'm a certified RRCA Distance Running Coach. I would love to help you train for your next race! I offer two types of services, Custom Training Plans and Personal Online Coaching.


In addition to being a running coach, I am also a certified ACE Group Fitness Instructor, Boot Camp Program Director, Boot Camp Group Fitness Instructor & Trainer for Body & Soul Fitness.


Races I have ran:
Half Marathons: 26
10K: 2
5K: 1


2016 to Present: Distance Running Coach, R.R.C.A.
2014 to Present: Program Director, Boot Camp for Body & Soul Fitness
2009 to Present: A.C.E. Group Fitness Instructor
2008 to Present: Group Fitness Instructor for Body & Soul Fitness



I am a child of God, wife, mother, runner and fitness enthusiast. My husband and I have been married since 2003. We have three children. Luke was born in 2007, Leta in 2010 and Max in 2011.
I began running in my very small high school in northeast Nebraska. I was not a “fast” or competitive runner then, but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed running and running with friends. Since our cross country program was small, I was not cut, but allowed to participate. I continued running semi-regularly all throughout college and usually my runs were in the 3-6 mile range. To get myself out of the gym rut I was in, in 2005 I joined a Cardio/Strength Body & Soul group fitness class. I participated in this class 3 times a week and ran two times a week. When I became pregnant with my first child, running was uncomfortable for me, so I stopped. I continued with Body & Soul 3 times a week. I then became and instructor in that class in 2008 and then got my ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification the next year. Fast forward to my pregnancy with my third child. I was still teaching group fitness 3 times a week and still on my running hiatus. While pregnant, I decided that once the baby was born and sleeping through the night, I was going to begin training for my first ever half marathon. For Christmas that year, my husband gave me my first running watch which sat new-in-the-box until our baby was born in July. It sat there for 3 more months until he slept through the night. In October of 2011, I got out my watch, dusted it off and began to train and haven’t looked back.


I ran my first half marathon in January of 2012. Now, in 2017, I have run 26 half marathons and a handful of shorter distances. I love the half marathon. It is do-able, but oh-so challenging. I am able to teach group fitness (Boot Camp) three mornings a week and run and train for my beloved halves three mornings a week. This is essential for me to not burn out. I love variety!!! I love running and most definitely identify first as a runner, but having other forms of fitness in my life keeps me strong, healthy and never bored!


My desire is to help YOU reach YOUR personal running goals.

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